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Think about the real spirit of Ramadan. Don't waste your money on these deals. These deals go against the true spirit of Ramadan. I am not saying don't go to a restaurant for Iftar, what I mean is that you should also think about the poor and the needy, the money you spend on one meal could easily feed 5 or 6 people. You're welcome mate, even for Iftari, but at my place. Further there is a long list of Iftar deals in our comments below to this post. Moreover you can find Iftar deals here at tossdown.

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Lahore is all about eating and when it comes to Ramadan, each restaurant in Lahore gives the Ramadan deal which includes Iftari deals and Sehri deals. Mostly restaurant focus on Iftari deals, however some restaurants have also tried to give Sehri deals which became famous in Lahore and they are now On with Sehri deals too. But in fast food stuff like KFC and others, they make fresh stuff. Alam Road is considered as a bit expensive cafe with a special group of people who love to go there and enjoy the quality they provide. They are giving Iftar Buffet at Rs.

Buy 1 and get 1 free of any size any flavor. As they are delivery specialist so they have also kept this deal for home delivery. You can order and have this buy 1 get 1 free offer at your home. Dunkin Donuts: All you can eat Rs. Other branch does not have any offer.

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Alam Road Lahore and it is on favorite list of many Lahori eaters. They are offering Iftar Buffet at Rs. They have given below Iftari deals further you have to do simple order as you do in regular days. Q food with wide range of Salads and Desserts. The fruits, veges and meat all have an equal part to play in their delectable toppings, with not one completely overpowering the other.

This great balance is what makes these pizzas stand out. So this time when our tossdown team was in Islamabad, Chaaye khana was an obvious destination after a hearty lunch. The place also had a library of sorts and an interior separated by a semi circled book case that has seating on either side. We sat in the only place available at the corner infront of an English fireplace.

It made us wonder if that fireplace actually worked or not. The mystery casually revealed itself when we caught sight of the slightly emerging black tar on wall.

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Imagine coming here in winter, faces aglow with the warm hue of the fireplace and sipping delicious tea. Great, another excuse for a future visit! Even the most exquisite tea is incomplete without some goodies or dessert to munch on. Never before was sipping tea in the afternoon such a royal experience! The tea arrived in the most contemporary and beautiful kettle we had ever seen. A kettle like that would make you want to have tea all day long.. Really impressive. Roasty Almond was pink and the mint was obviously green.

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We poured our respective kettles and assured each other about the greatness of this tea. Beautiful flavor and gorgeous fragrance. And yes the walnut dessert was one of the best desserts we have had during our dessert hunting across cities.

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The exact origin of these two wondrous treats is yet to be discovered, but many countries and cultures including Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Bangladesh etc. These two are notoriously known and loved for their delicious taste despite the caloric overdose. After years of struggle, it has gained reputation as the loyal sidekick whenever there is talk of halwa-puri on the breakfast table.

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Although some people believe that the Aloo Cholay clan lacks that special something and will never be able to completely break the spell of the fellowship its superheroes enjoy. Aloo Cholay , you will just have to find contentment in being the faithful sidekick. The holy month of Ramadan is here yet again, gracing us with enumerable bounties and rewards. Iftar and Sehri in restaurants has become quite a thing of the modern era where people love indulging themselves by eating out after a hard-earned day of fasting. Some odd years ago, sehri in restaurants was hard to fathom.

Its considered an achievement if you manage to secure a spot in your favourite restaurant during sehri. Welcome to the 21st century. But hey, tossdown here has a few suggestions up its sleeves. Instead you could all focus your attention on other important factors such as prayers and philanthropy:. Click and indulge yourselves:! Unhinge those imaginative screws and behold a spectacular sight for your eyes and ears. A surge of candy colored balloons strikingly aligned as far and as high the eyes can see; Tossdown flyers and banners engulfing everything with absolutely no mercy; an ebullient lot of youngsters bringing down the house with music, fun and frolic; A delectable streak of food kiosks brought directly from favorite eateries of the city……… That is just a glimpse of what the Tossdown Food-Tech Fiesta was all about.

The idea hatched some time ago when Tossdown management began thinking of ways to create some waves in the city. An activity planned to bring tossdown fans and of course the not-so-acquainted-with- tossdown people, all under one roof. That part was figured out, but the next crucial steps were kind of hazy so further deliberation finally led to a series of exciting activities the fiesta would cater to.

tossdown - Ramadan Restaurant Guide APK

The enthusiasm was contagious and within no time we had the entire plan chalked out eagerly awaiting its implementation. A separate team was established and tasks were divided. It was like a war zone but of course far friendlier and with no bloodshed where the tossdown soldiers readily expected their assignments. Tossdown partners such as Dominos Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Ze Grill, Maisonette, Subway among others were to put up their designated kiosks and engage people through a multitude of mouthwatering giveaways.

This was also a platform for newbies such as Souled Cakes, which gained commendable acclaim for its scrumptious cakes and pastries. In the line of spectacular innovation is another brand worth mentioning at the fiesta; Comet Lamps. These lamps are exquisitely designed and intricately weaved together in the shape of a comet, and come in every possible color on the planet! All in all an eye catching item guaranteed to give that extra panache to your decor.

After a long stretch of back breaking work and sleepless nights, we were ready to roll. The balloons and thingamajigs had all been stunningly arranged. Like any big event, the finishing touches were ongoing till the very last minute. Gradually people began pouring in. As excitement grew, so did the number of people. Fun competitions were held throughout the evening where people were given awesome giveaways and freebies including food vouchers, coupons and yes ladies, …even gold jewelry!

Day one ended on a happy note of delightful entertainment and free culinary delights! Day two and three followed with high expectations considering the decent turnout on the first day. And tell you what, it all went way beyond our expectations! To our utmost delight, the event specifically attracted families that are always in the lookout for pleasurable pursuits but usually fail to find any. Kids and women of all ages were glued to their chairs on one side of the stage, fervently looking forward to the lineup of activities. Various television channels ventured on to introduce tossdown as one of the leading eatout portals of the country.

Battle of the Bands was a noticeable highlight where young singers and musical bands were given the opportunity to perform amid a live hyperactive audience.

about tossdown - Ramadan Restaurant Guide APK

Dancing prodigies were introduced whose incredible contemporary dance techniques left us all in awe. Those wonderful three days flashed by in a jiffy leaving us all energized with an apparent overdose of toss-renaline tossdown adrenaline;. And the best part is that the fiesta has just marked the beginning of an exhilarating and enjoyable journey of events for people who believe in good, clean entertainment.