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Experiment with several homemade pet food recipes until you land on one or more that your faithful friend likes. Not sure where to start? Try some homemade treat recipes.

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They usually aren't any more complicated than making human cookies, and your efforts are sure to be appreciated. Big bags of pet food are heavy and awkward, but they're usually quite a bit cheaper than smaller bags. Compare unit prices, and haul home the best deal. Tip: Want the bulk discount, without having to wrestle that big bag in and out of your car?

Find a website that offers free shipping, and let someone deliver it to you. Schedule regular deliveries of items that you use all the time and many stores will give you an extra discount on those items. This is a great way to save on pet food and to save yourself a trip to the store. Manufacturers frequently stick coupons in and on pet food packages, so be sure to give the packaging a once-over before you check out at the store and again before you toss the empty container.

The cheapest pet food isn't always the best deal. Before you fill your cart with bargain-priced food, take a minute to compare nutrition labels. A diet of fresh meats, vegetables and fruits can be very good for your pet and your wallet. Read up on the raw food diet, and decide if it's a good option for you and your pet.

Get in the habit of asking your vet for coupons and food samples whenever you're in the office. Food manufacturers send them plenty of both, so they should be happy to oblige. Find Pet Food Coupons Online The coupon inserts in your Sunday paper are a good source for pet food coupons sometimes even pet food freebies , but if you really want to max out your coupon savings, add printable coupons to the mix.

Look for Rebates. Sign Up for Rewards Clubs If you buy the same pet food and shop at the same pet stores over and over, you deserve to be rewarded for your loyalty. Make Your Own Pet Food. Continue to 5 of 10 below. Sign up online at Dylon to receive a free sample of three biodegradable Dylon colour catcher sheets, plus a coupon for 40p off a pack valid until Sat 30 Nov. They're used in your washing machine to absorb any dye released in washing.

We asked Dylon how many are available, and when the offer will last until, and it told us the offer is available 'indefinitely', but it's worth signing up soon if it's something you'd like to try so you've time to use the coupon. It's best to use these dye-catching sheets inside a mesh bag, otherwise they could get caught in your washing machine and cause an expensive break down. Register with Persil to get a free washing liquid dosing device or powder scoop sent to you in the post. We all love a good coupon, but there are alternative ways to save money on clothes washing products when they're not available.

See forumite Rachelle's tips on how to use vinegar, cornstarch and baking soda substitutes to save money on your washing products. We all love a good coupon, but there are alternative ways to save money on cleaning products when they're not available. See forumite Rachelle's tips on how to use vinegar, cornstarch and baking soda substitutes to save money on cleaning. Register with Caring Everyday to get a 75p off coupon, which is accepted at most supermarkets and pharmacies, but not at independent pharmacies. Register with Caring Everyday to get a 50p off coupon, which is accepted at most supermarkets and pharmacies, but not at independent pharmacies.

We asked Wagg how many coupons are left, but it's yet to get back to us. If you buy Whiskas or Sheba cat food pouches, look out for the boxes with a sticker saying 'coupon inside' to get coupons for other Whiskas products, Dreamies, Sheba creamy snacks and more. You can only order one once per household. The coupon is valid on any Drynites product. If you've got a smartphone on the mobile network Vodafone, you can download a free app called 'VeryMe'. Register on the app and it'll show you a mix of discounts, freebies, rewards and competitions that change every so often.

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See Vodafone support for help if you have any questions. Examples of what we've seen free in the past include free hot drinks at Greggs or Costa, free wine at Majestic, and free Tesco gift cards. The idea is then to check the app, swiping through various offers and rewards until you see something you want. Claiming a reward is usually as straightforward as tapping the screen to get a code to show in store.

Simply show the code from the app to staff at the checkout. Previously we've had reports of users unable to get the codes after 3pm so it's worth going quick if you'd like this deal. Warning: If you click accept you'll only have a limited time to redeem the offer, so make sure staff at the checkout are ready and know how to accept the offer before you tap 'Use it now'. There's a sneaky way of getting Priority offers even if you're not an O2 customer.

This offer is great as you get a loyalty card stamp when you claim your free drink, so after nine stamps free or not you'll get an 10th hot drink free, too — great for weeks where one caffeine hit on the go isn't enough. Register on the app and it'll show you a mix of discounts, freebies, rewards and competitions that change every Thursday. The idea is then to check the app every week, swiping through various offers and rewards until you see something you want.

Claiming a reward is usually as straightforward as tapping the screen to get a code. Every day, a limited number of boxes will be available from the time stores open, until midday - when any unsold boxes will be donated to local good causes. What you'll actually get is completely random, as the 'Too Good to Waste' boxes are made up on the day with whatever fruit and veg is looking past its best in each store.

Some will be bruised or battered, while others might have just escaped from their wrapper - in any case, you'll be able to see what you're getting before you buy. To give a very rough idea of how good this is, I've made up an imaginary 5kg box below including five different fruits and vegetables 1kg of each, using Lidl's prices :. Your shopping must be delivered before 11pm on Sat 16 Nov so ensure you book a slot before this time.

Discount supermarket Aldi offers online purchases of wine by the case. Thanks to forumite xeonander for the original spot. In most cases it makes Morrisons veg cheaper than all other major supermarkets - including Aldi and Lidl - but what's available will depend on the season and stock in your local store. So you'll save money with this box, but it might be worth picking up the individual packets of wonky veg instead if you like to know what you'll get.

It's worth noting that the wonky veg do not come packed in any plastic, just the cardboard box which can be reused or recycled after you've eaten the vegetables. So, this box is good if you're looking to reduce your purchase of single-use plastics.

Today's Dubai Pet Food Top Offers:

The boxes, which are available in stores, contain 5kg of peculiar-shaped, odd-sized seasonal veg that wouldn't win any beauty contests - but should be just as nice on the inside. Asda says 10, boxes are going into participating stores see the full list every month - so it's worth going quickly if you want the pick of the wonky crop. Each box is different but Asda tells us an example might contain about g carrots, 1kg potatoes, two onions, two courgettes, one cucumber, one cabbage, g leeks, g parsnips and three peppers - enough, Asda says, to feed a family of four for a week.

The big supermarkets are now under pressure to cut food waste. Let us know if you found one of these boxes and what you think of it on Twitter or Facebook. Just show your card at the checkout to get the discount. Can't be used in conjunction with any other offer apart from Co-op Membership. Sign up for a myWaitrose loyalty card hit 'Join myWaitrose' after clicking through and get a 'free' regular-sized tea or coffee in store every day from the self-serve machine, when you make a purchase and use a reusable cup.

Some purchases are excluded, eg, 5p bags see 'more info' below for full list , but a 10p banana should do it if all you're really after is a MoneySaving brew. Choose from Americano, cappuccino, latte, tea, mocha or espresso. If you haven't got one already, you'll receive your myWaitrose loyalty card within five weeks of signing up via the link above. Then simply walk in with your own reusable cup see below , make a purchase and swipe your card at the till, and finally dispense your free drink. Every week it has a special 'Treat Thursday' event, with various deals and offers.

The offers vary for each person, as they are tailored to your shopping habits. These are some examples of offers we've seen when trying the app of course as the offers are personalised, not everyone will receive the same ones :. Just register or log-in to view your account and offers.

You must have a myWaitrose loyalty card to get the deal. See the MyWaitrose page for more details on how to get a free card. For over 18 year olds only. For starters, make sure your printer is on and has enough paper! If you have a pop-up blocker installed on your web browser, disabling it may help. You may be asked to install a coupon software application before the voucher will print; just follow the instructions to do this.

Some anti-virus software will flag up the file but it's not malicious - if you're worried you can always delete it after you've printed the coupons you'd like.

Some coupons will allow you to bypass the software download by putting in your mobile number to receive a code. Finally, coupons often work much better in the Internet Explorer IE browser than they do in others. So even if you use another browser, like Firefox or Chrome, have a copy of IE just for coupons.

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Coupons are everywhere. Root through junk mail, scout around tills, rip them out of magazines - they all add up.

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If the magazine costs more than the coupon's worth, it's not worth it. But if you were buying your fave glossy anyway, you're quids in. You can often grab as many papers as you like and use the same coupons again and again as long as it's on different shopping trips. If a special offer item is out of stock, many supermarkets will give you a voucher entitling you to the same deal at a later date.

Some self-scanning checkouts let you scan multiple coupons, even when you're not buying the relevant products. These machines operate based on trust, so by deliberately using incorrect coupons without permission you could be accused of fraud. If you want to use coupons, be upfront and give them to the cashier.

Then you're being honest, and it's the store's decision whether to allow it. You can usually only use one coupon per person, so those found printing out and using multiple coupons in different names or email addresses could be arrested and charged with fraud. Always check the terms and conditions yourself. There's a little-known piece of legislation that turns any credit card into a financial self-defence superhero. Known as Chargeback, this is part of banks' and card companies' internal rules and not a legal requirement. Read full details of Section 75 or Chargeback, plus how to claim, in our guides.

If you go through it, it can sometimes result in a payment or benefit to the site. It's worth noting this means the third party used may be named on any credit agreements. We aim to look at all available products. If it isn't possible to get an affiliate link for the top deal, it is still included in exactly the same way, just with a non-paying link.

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