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Display Ads. Coupon Book. Mobile Marketing. Email Marketing. Select media in the channels that best engage each consumer. From direct mail postcards, magazine ads, menu inserts, brochures and more! Low price, high distribution and outstanding ROI make Mint Magazine ideal for introducing your special offers, clearance and seasonal promotions.

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Mint Magazine provides our clients with a very large mailing and distribution circulation at extremely low cost per home rates. For more targeted ads, we divide each area into distinct local books, ranging in circulation from 20, to almost 60, With the nonstop, dynamic one-two punch of LocalFlavor. Save Now! That will show all of the coupons in that category.

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Then, notice in the upper right part of the page how you can sort the listing by various criteria. For example, to sort the coupons from newest to oldest, select 'Newest Items'. You can also search the website for specific coupons by using the search box near the top of the page. These are the coupons that we think offer the best value and the ones seeing the most sales. Each week there are several coupons that stand out among the rest, so we flag them as featured.

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If there's a difference between what the coupon shows and the description listed on the website, which should I trust? It means that the coupon has a maximum order limit of Your order will be canceled and refunded if you violate any limit on any coupon included in an order. We impose limits on a few of the hottest selling coupons to ensure that everyone can obtain them. The vast majority of our coupons have no limit. That's where the coupon came from. How many do I have to buy in those cases? Be sure that you're not trying to add more than we have in inventory.

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You can see the inventory amounts on the individual coupon pages. For as long as the coupon is available in the quantity that you chose. Please be aware that if you let coupons sit in your cart too long, you run the risk of the coupons selling out before you checkout.

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Our store adjusts the coupon inventory levels when they're actually sold at checkout, not when they're added to a cart. You sure can! Just click the 'Gift Certificates' at the top of the page. The recipient of the gift certificate will be able to enter it at check out to pay for their coupons, just like in a real store. We post a notice in the message forums under the appropriate topic in the 'Announcements' area whenever we restock coupons. If you subscribe to the specific message topic, you'll receive an email whenever these posts are made.

We restock inventory as fast as we can process the newspapers and we do that most every day. At each point in the fulfillment process, we'll notify you. You'll receive an email confirming your order, another after we've fulfilled your order and it's awaiting shipment, and then another when your order actually ships. You'll never be left in the dark wondering what happened to your order. A surprising number of customers mistype their email address when they place an order.

Please be sure that you type it correctly. What do I need to do? You need to call the store manager and ask. Coupon redemption policies often differ from store-to-store, so it's not sufficient to rely on what you read on the internet or even from what you may read from a chain's published policy.

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  • Ask the local store manager. That's the most reliable source. Why would I want to use a coupon clipping service instead of doing it myself? Because doing it yourself may not be worth your time.

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    It's a choice of whether you want to spend a few dollars using a service like Klip2save or whether you want to spend a few hours each week doing it yourself. It all depends on how much your time is worth. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by any coupon insert provider or any manufacturer of any product that may be depicted in the coupons. Please wait