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A sleek and portable pipe for a sophisticated smoker. This Grav Labs Bubbler create a smooth cool and potent hit.

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This is a great home piece and al This tank can be left out of grandpa's WWII display. This is the hottest tank pipe in the business! Paving the way into is The Commander, the The Martian paved the way for the Rollie bubbler category.

The Ooze Kettle Silicone Glass Bubbler / Dab Rig - Rasta Tie-Dye – Dalman (Import & Export) Limited

Now the team at MJA is able to take the bluntstorming to the next level with the newest All prices are listed in USD. Our products, tools, and equipment are intended for tobacco or legal use only. You must be 21 years or older to browse this website and purchase products. View cart. Tap or pinch to zoom. Click or scroll to zoom. The original Rollie Bubbler. Custom MJ logo on base for authentication.

Martian bubbler fits almost all rolled items. Pendant hook Spill-resistant design. One hitter function. Ergonomically placed carb hole to allow for a natural grip. Both normal and directional airflow carb cap. Dab Tools. Banger Bowls. Nectar Collectors.

Lighter Leashes. Oil Cartridges. Parchment Paper. Rolling Machines. Rolling Paper Tips. Vape Accessories. Vaporizer Coils. Humidity Control. Showing 1 - 18 of 18 products. This bubbler won't only exceed your expectations, but will enhance your ceremonial chill sessions. Eyce Silicone Bubbler. Default Title. Glass Bubbler - Tiki Face.

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These handmade glass bubblers are made with heavy high quality glass. Each bubbler is approximately Silicone Waterpipe - Ice Cream Cone. Hammer Bubbler - Honey Dew 6. Hammer Bubbler - Dragons Tail. Silicone Bubbler - Sherlock 6". This collectible standing glass piece is the perfect lifestyle amenity for an enriched smoking experience. The generously apportioned base allows for a large volume of water to be filtered, while its globe-shaped percolator assures a premium filtration effect.

IN FOCUS - Greens Bubbler

Exceptional design makes this piece a display-worthy object in and of itself, while removable parts allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. To fill the bubbler with water, carefully unscrew the bottom glass chamber from the rest of the piece. Fill the glass chamber about halfway with water or just above where the percolator holes sit when the piece is assembled. Reassemble the bubbler. The dish at the top of the Bubbler is for packing your dry tobacco, and the glass tip at the end of the wood stem is the mouthpiece.

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To use, simply place your finger over the small hole on the side of the bowl and put your lips on the mouthpiece. Light the tobacco in the dish while inhaling to fill the chamber with smoke.

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  4. This should cause the water in the pipe to bubble. If not, more water should be added to completely cover the percolator. Remove your finger from the small hole on the side of the bowl and clear the chamber. Shake vigorously for approximately 2 minutes. A quick pass with a nylon brush will loosen any remaining residue. Rinse in warm water. A nylon brush can be passed through wood to remove any residue.

    A very small amount of isopropyl alcohol can be applied to the brush beforehand without causing any damage to the wood. Over time, the wood will lose its natural luster. Applying a small amount of wood conditioner will restore the appearance of the wood and will also protect it from variations in environmental moisture levels. Warm wood conditioner should be applied so that it penetrates the wood grain.

    Zebra Twist Pipe Bubbler and Grinder Kit

    Apply liberally in the direction of the grain. Let sit for approximately 20 minutes, wipe off any excess, and buff gently with a cloth. Marley Natural - Bubbler. A hybrid water and dry pipe, our Bubbler's versatility offers the best of both worlds Marley Natural - Smoked Glass Bubbler.