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Why choose BT? BT are probably the best option for those who want it all. Despite having hot competition, there's a reason they're still the most popular company on the block, one being the sheer variety of internet plans they offer. What to consider when buying BT broadband. Use the links on the right to navigate your way through this page. Otherwise, directly below you'll find our broadband comparison chart where you can filter deals by price, brand, speeds and more. Next up there's our pick of the best BT broadband deals available right now from cheap broadband only to super fast BT Infinity fibre optics and even combinations of broadband, TV and phone packages.

Keep scrolling for everything from BT broadband know-how to information on BT's basic tariffs , all about BT gift cards and some useful advice to note before buying a package. View Deal. This is the package for you. BT Black Friday deals are definitely worth the wait if possible.

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We expect the same, if not better this year, and hope that broadband pricing will also be slashed by a few pounds each month. Mark your calendar so you don't miss out. Interested in more Black Friday deals? Head to our Black Friday page for news info and deal updates. Otherwise, shop more Black Friday deals below. First, we're going to talk you through things you need to know and consider before narrowing the best BT broadband deal down, and then our pick of the best current deals come in. If nothing takes your fancy there, then scroll down and use the filters on our broadband comparison chart to find a deal more suited to you.

Although BT's bottom line price tends to be a bit higher than other providers — all of which you can check on our overall best broadband deals page — some of the perks it frequently offers can make BT equally good value in the long run. Think free activation promotions, hefty pre-paid Mastercards and as much BT Sport access as you can handle. Simply a pre-paid credit card you can use anywhere that accepts Mastercard, the BT Gift Card is chip and pin instead of contactless.

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Meet the Team. Home Stories. How Hoppy Works. Join In. BT Infinity Deals. So, I've come home looking forward to watching Netflix after a long week, and my bt internet isn't working. I have tried the 'on off' method as you do and it doesn't work. I checked the status and apparently it's 'good' in my area. Been on the website and tried to test the landline number and the page goes to an error. It hasn't worked the whole day and when I try test the connection it goes straight to an error page.

This is poor from a big company as they do not state any recommendations, fixes, or even acknowledgement of the issue. I hope it is fixed soon as I pay good money for the service. Satisfaction 2 stars Customer Service 1 star Speed 1 star Reliability 1 star. Not been with them long but cancelled this morning absolutely rubbish service,we have gone back to our original supplier.

The straw that broke the camels back was no phone and no internet again this morning. Being pensioners nearly 80 years old we rely on our internet a lot. When we went with them we thought that they would come and set it up but you have to do it yourself so l had to get someone in to do it. Satisfaction 2 stars Customer Service 2 stars Speed 2 stars Reliability 2 stars. Lawrence Osborne. The signal drops at times. Had issues with promised package not delivered. It took many stressful attempts before I got something like the first package offered.

Did not support my fragile mental health. Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 1 star Speed 3 stars Reliability 1 star. Had 12 months of serious broadband issues, now have issues with a mobile service too. Let me explain - I noticed broadband connection issues, called out their Openreach guys, fixed it so no problems right? BT sent the standard email eg: case closed, then line got hijacked again - altogether lost about 2 months internet time, which after months of phone conversations was eventually credited to my account. BT wouldn't take responsibility, tech support was refused, so got passed to Apple instead.

How to Get Cheap Broadband on BT - Good Morning Britain

Problem was the battery, Apple sent just a refurbished replacement model, not brand new or a newer model offered. Fault was found to be BT's and not damage to my equipment etc - so another credit made to my account - I should think so Forward a few months and I paid my mobile bill by credit slip at my bank.

They then sent me a further reminder, threatening account termination, along with debt collection action and that I would be stuck with extra fees for non-payment etc - a very aggressive letter indeed. If only they checked their bank account to see the bank transfer, hmmmm. So got proof of payment from my bank, agent reconnected my service, but few days later - BT disconnected me again for reasons unknown.

Don't get me started on the nightmare call transfer system they force on their customers, or the rude agents intent on blasting policy instead of active listening skills that should be employed to understand the mere basic of info needed to sort an issue. Satisfaction 2 stars Customer Service 1 star Speed 3 stars Reliability 4 stars.

I don't understand why some people have such problems. I have been with BT for nearly 2 years and they are amazing. I am so pleased with their service I have extended my contract for another 18 months. I started with BT almost 3 years ago after moving to an address where Virgin Media was unavailable.

Compare BT broadband deals

I had no major problem getting started with BT with everything being as it should be regarding my phone, TV, Sport and Broadband 'package'. The contract was 12 months. There were no major problems in that first 12 months, however when coming to renew I had an email from BT before the contract expired offering me a Broadband renewal at a reasonable price but with a contract for 18 months not I spoke to them via their helpline but was told 18 months was now their minimum contract period.

I agreed to this. A few weeks later they contacted me again about my TV and sport contract!!!!!! I thought I had just renewed this but it turns out the verbally agreed renewal was just for the Broadband BUT the TV and Sport package were now a minimum of 24 months. So, there is the major problem - how can I watch the final 6 months of my TV and Sport package if I decide not to renew my broadband?

Having spoken with my wife we decided to go ahead with the TV and Sport as we had already committed to the Broadband. I enquired about reducing my cost of my existing 'plan' by cancelling the BT Sport and TV package that to be honest we don't watch much at all. This is probably why they hike up the price of their broadband post contract to offset the lack of customers taking up their TV options. To cut a long story a little shorter, my BT 'assistant' could not offer me any sort of decent broadband deal so I am cancelling everything.

My 'early termination' charges are way lower than remaining with BT so I'm off. To be fair to BT, I was never unhappy with the Broadband and had few drop-outs and would have remained with BT for many more years, however, due to their underhand sneaky price hiking and contracts of unequal length designed to trap their customers, I will NEVER trust BT again.

Deals can be agreed and negotiated but trust cannot. Goodbye BT - Forever. Satisfaction 3 stars Customer Service 2 stars Speed 4 stars Reliability 4 stars. No stars because BT is disgustingly over priced.

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Also had my monthly bill increased , I phoned to make a complaint and was told after a long discussion that my bill would not increase. Forward a month and my bill increased, called again to complain and was told the previous advisor should not have agreed that , made a complaint and was told they would look into the complaint. Mark Caple. Someone mentioned in the reviews about BT as big trouble, that says all about it and I agree.

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When you enquire about it you would be said that an email is been sent to you. Then you have to pay whatever extra charges as per terms and conditions. If you want to get out of those added packages sports you will need to pay extra as well. All this without the consent of the customer. I lost all my opportunity to opt out of the added package at the time of price rise with no e mail notification sent to me. Yes I get all other promo emails not the price rise email. Spend more than 1 hour over the customer services and the answer is terms and conditions.

BT broadband deals: New offers come with a free Xbox One in huge challenge to Virgin Media

So no point in ringing and wasting time. Good luck to all. I fell so bad because of them I have move, to a new home and my previous speeds at my old house, with the exchange over a mile away was 37Mb down and 10Mb UP and ping around the 7ms mark, this new house which is less than 50 meters away for the main exchange in my home town are bad Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 4 stars Speed 1 star Reliability 1 star. Andrew MacLean.

BT are dishonest and made us agree to an 18 month contract without telling us that it was 18 months. They hide this information in order to tie people in. Their customer service are also difficult to deal with. I had no problem with the broadband itself, but it is dishonest to actively try to trick people into signing an 18 month contract, especially elderly or vulnerable people.

A company which is not to be trusted. Customer Service 2 stars Speed 5 stars Reliability 5 stars. Speed dropped and is now half of what I was promised, connection drops out constantly. I have complained on several occasions and was advised to reset the router on a weekly basis, reset it once but then for some reason it wouldn't reset again.

I am now in the process of switching provider and am hoping for an improvement but one thing is for sure, I won't be returning to BT. I contacted them online and was told we are going to refund you and you will get an email within hours. I waited all day no email came. Decided to contact them again today and was being tossed around different agents and for 50 minutes I got no help.

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Was patient bough to remain connected and waited for them but they wasted close to an hour of my time with no help at all. Am glad my contract is ending soon, so. Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 1 star Speed 2 stars Reliability 2 stars. I went from EE to BT as you are supposed go be able to get fast fibre broadband in every room. Yes you can if you buy into extra discs for every room.