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12 deals of Christmas #4

Community Details. Jun 12, Cake Day. And that includes the copy of the first game.

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Are you even trying? That 3 for 2 sale is great too! Welcome to Europe! All rights reserved. More info. For more info or to change settings, click here. Log in to comment Log in. Posted 05 December By Sandeep Dawett Jnr. Reddit Pinterest Email.

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Some titles may not be available in your region. Find out more. Dishonored 2. Most read posts. PlayStation Network. React to this post. PlayStation Store's Halloween discounts kick off today. These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week. Acclaimed sci-fi shooter Control gets a Photo Mode tomorrow.

Show latest first Show oldest first Show most liked first. I have never seen a game on disc that was cheaper than the digital version here in Norway. Believe me some game are 2 times the price than in store siper elite 4 NBA 2K18? Back when PS3 launched in late in the US, all the way up to November , you could buy a game digitally and play it on up to FIVE PS3 consoles, and at the exact same time without activating and deactiviating too.

That is true that alot of the time you can buy the digital game at the same price or cheaper than the physical copy but not always.

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One person got me with a German retailer or something but that was about it. But I still think anybody is crazy for buying a game that is over 40gbs for anything over 15 quid. I generally only buy digitally when the game is a small enough affair and the game is less than a fiver in a sale. What size is NBA 2K18 right now? Yeah, not even for a tenner will I touch that digitally lol. Please ok give Nioh Season Pass a sale already.

I really want to get it. It does go on sale occasionally I got it on sale on the store , though it probably wont be one of these deals. GTA5, really? Having GTA V on this list is like a cheat day. The game was released 3 years ago! But come on, it was discounted a couple of weeks ago already. Seems like a joke. Fingers crossed that Hellblade is one of the remainder. Can always redownload it if we feel like playing again.

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Come on Sony. You can do far better than this! Anyone who wanted this will surely have owned it by now. Is there any reason I should get it now for my PS4?


Have they added some stuff that makes the game worth re-playing? I never really got into the online side of it though and I hear that is much better now. Well yes graphics. And I think there are some smaller additions and changes. But the story is the same and such.

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Online mode on the other hand has been greatly improved over the years. Yes it is still a chore to get money, it will be slow, but there is generally more stuff to do. Once you establish a good source of income you will still struggle with getting everything but it becomes better.

Is the PS4 version worth it? Please give us something new… Last year we had it as well. I am not totally against putting a game on twice, just add an alternative.

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Else we will just have dejavu from last year the whole way through. GTA V is not a bad game, but it got some age now, and most people who want it have had plenty of opportunities to get it at a discounted price, I mean years. I hope we will get some few good surprises though. That is if you add them but you usually are. I still believe that your 12 deals of Christmas should be overhauled and really get reworked. What you make such a big fuss about is actually worse