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I presented it at the restaurant, a chain whose branches always seems strangely empty.

Another reason to get off your phone: The blue light might be making you age faster

The server behind the counter stared at my coupon like it was a severed head. I slunk down to that area feeling that familiar, odd sense of freebie-guilt as I pointed to the various ingredients making up my burrito.

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They were listlessly tossed into place. And, when all the coupons have been clipped, remember the good old-fashioned tactic of simply, following up.

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Example 3: A financial analyst called me up and right off the bat, impressed me with his warmth and connection. He knew a lot about the company I work for, and showed a great deal of interest in my life. We talked for about an hour. I emailed him information that he requested. Or even later that day.

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Or the next day. As more days passed, I started thinking, how pseudo-empathetic he was. More days pass. I send another email, and still no response.

Use Free Promo and Coupon Codes When Shopping Online

Or, maybe he had an accident and is lying in hospital with one plastered leg pointing at the ceiling? Lesson: Follow up. So yes, go forth and sprinkle your coupons like fairy dust, for they will be gathered up with zeal by all and sundry — regardless of economic standing — especially in this recession. The Galfromdownunder clips coupons with the best of them in order to tell stories like this. By Lynette Chiang 4 minute Read.

Sure, you could buy hundreds of coupons in a matter of minutes, but if you don't know exactly when, how and where to use every single one, you'd just waste them. Most services have a minimum order per coupon, so you really need a game plan to make it worth your while.

The Best Sites for Coupon Clipping

In the end, you have to be just about as coupon-obsessed to use a clipping service as you do to clip them yourself. You also need to do your research on the services themselves -- which one is the best deal? But if you've already developed good couponing habits, a service will save you a ton of time and probably a decent amount of money. Should you buy coupons online?

Great Tips: Coupon Clipping Service Websites

Where can you find printable coupons? Should you use a coupon clipping service? It's true that clicking for coupons is a lot easier than clipping them, but coupon services aren't for minor leaguers.

Coupon Clipping Services

Photo courtesy of TheCouponClippers. Budget-Savvy Diva.

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